Writer's block


There was a period of my life when I could spend a tremendous amount of time watching short movies. I subscribed to all popular YouTube channels with shorts, received a lot of thematic newsletters, and attended short cinema festivals to watch the best movies.

Some were funny, some were extremely serious, and others had such great ideas that I still remember and try to implement them in my life. Today I would like to talk about one such movie.

I am sure everybody heard about such a phenomenon as writer's block. As someone with more than seven years of experience working with content, I thought such a concept was complicated. Especially at the beginning of my career. And I love this short because it taught me how to get over writer's block. The secret is easy – you need to start to do something.

For almost all of my projects, I start the same. I have no idea what I should do first, but I do something. Write a few functions, think about the concept, delete everything and start once again. And in a couple of minutes, something clicks in my head, and I dive into this process.

And this movie shows how creativity creates a new reality and helps us escape all the difficulties surrounding us. That's the point.

Oh, this short was a great inspiration for my first tattoo, but that is another story.