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Awesome Projects

Failure Hunt07/01/2024Success. Money. Once you enter any social platform, you see a bunch of examples of great people who have already achieved all your dreams. That's why I created Failure Hunt — to show the world and myself that every successful story started with a failure (or even multiple failures)
Poetronika06/01/2024Poetry generator that creates personalized poems for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any others
How to become a better developer?05/02/2024Sit back, relax, and take some notes on how to improve your skills.
Dive Deep Books03/31/2024In the last 10 years, I have read 1000+ nonfiction books. And I would love to share the best ones with you.
calm lofi theme for VSCode12/23/2023This VSCode theme is ideal for developers who appreciate a calm lofi coding atmosphere.
5 Life Lessons From My Cat12/15/2023I decided to take some notes about the lessons I learned from Randall. And share it with you.
newspoetry12/06/2023This project uses the New York Times API, where it gets the latest news, processes it through OpenAI and makes a wonderful poem.
How Much To Tip10/15/2023Add your bill amount and think about how you liked the experience at this place, and the app will help you to calculate tips. Easy.
Yo, world08/10/2023"Yo, World!" looks cooler than "Hello, World!"
Wanna Donut?06/14/2023I had some free time and decided to buy a donut and make it digital with adding some CSS magic.
Lifemeter05/12/2023If you click a link, open another tab, or use any app, the Lifemeter starts over again. It exists as a web app and a Chrome extension.