Two-minute rule and the Pocket app


I have been using Pocket since 2008. At this time, it was called 'Read-it-later' and had pretty straightforward functionality – whether you find an interesting page, you can click the app's icon and save it for later.

I loved the idea and the app so much that I still use it. And it changed the way I work with information.

When I look through my RSS feed or see some interesting articles on Twitter, or if my friend shares a YouTube link, I check it. And if I understand that it will take more than two minutes to read through the whole article or watch the video, then I click the Pocket icon and continue to work on what I have been working on. The page is saved, and I can check it later.

The Pocket

Oh, and the most important thing – I save everything in the Pocket. I know many websites have some sort of bookmark functionality, but I prefer to keep everything in one place.

And then, usually on Saturdays morning, I take some time to look through all the materials I have saved to Pocket. That's how Pocket helps to get rid of tab anxiety and lots of bookmarks that I used to keep in my browser. So simple and so convenient.