How to be lonely


Oh, loneliness. This bittersweet feeling.

The first time I saw the video titled 'How To Be Alone' was in 2010 or 2011. At this time, I was a student without money but with a lot of free time and dreams. I don't remember if I was surfing the Internet and found this fantastic video or if one of my friends just sent me a link and suggested watching it. But I remember how much it resonated with my-then-self.

I watched it one time, second time, third time... I was rewatching and rewatching it again and again. And I couldn't believe that somebody on this planet could feel the same as I was then. And not only feel it but actually, make an art of it. I was really impressed.

And I think if it were only just footage or only just a story (as it first was), I wouldn't pay much attention to it. But the whole video itself is so amazing. Even nowadays, sometimes I rewatch this video and think it is full of self-love and self-acceptance.

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