Don't forget your bad habits


Two or three times a week, I visit Grand Central Terminal. It is a huge building that many of you have seen in movies and TV shows or, like me, casually visit when you go in or out of New York City.

The main concourse of Grand Central has a stylized star map on its lofty ceiling. And if you have good eyesight, you can notice a small black spot on the side of the ceiling.

The story behind this rectangle is quite simple and cool. In the middle of the 90-s, there was a massive restoration process, and the whole ceiling was rebuilt from scratch. The staff spent a tremendous amount of time cleaning the ceiling. And they decided to leave one small space untouched as a reminder of when smoking indoors was routine.

Grand Central The whole building of Grand Central Terminal was covered with awful black dirt, and the staff cleaned everything but this small rectangle spot

And I love this fact so much. It is so important not to forget about bad habits that you once had.

It seems to be the only way not to start them over again.