A bad experience is a good lesson


Yesterday was International Women's Day, and several women leaders of our company told the stories of their success. It was never an easy path, so hearing such stories was exciting and inspiring. And one phrase from the coworker clicked inside of me. She said the best lessons she learned were from the worst manager.

I was lucky enough to have great managers. The ones who taught me how to support other teammates, track my projects, be mindful of the details, and find joy even in tedious work.

And I was lucky enough to have terrible managers. The ones who never appreciated my work, were rude and tried to micromanage my every step.

And you know what? I would never wish that anybody would work with the 'bad' managers I had, but since some time has passed, I am thankful to both types of bosses I had.

Because now I know what is good and what is bad. And I will do my best to avoid making the mistakes I witnessed.